Innovative design

As shown in 'Identity', the design originated from the desire to create a solid, practical and beautiful universal suspension system for shelves, drawers and other wall elements.

The suspension system consists of two aluminium elements that fit together easily and do not require any other fasteners. In this way, the parts can be moved easily and are interchangeable between the pieces of furniture.

The play-free construction means that large forces can be absorbed and the system is extremely robust and solid. The system has now been patented and will also be used in other furniture.

Because we work with thick and solid wood, extra attention has been paid to the construction of the furniture. Therefore, extra channels have been milled into the Lounge Base internally so that the wood can still work under the influence of varying humidity without cracking.

These channels are also used for positioning the power wires when installing the socket and/or lighting. These innovative solutions have created furniture that can be used in a different way than was previously possible.

In the meantime, we are working on expanding our product line. If you have special wishes or ideas for which our patented system could be applicable, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.